One day I began to think about all of the ways in which shame had been used to silence me throughout my life …. and as I thought more about this I started to realise that systemic power was utilising the same shaming principles, just  in a more covert way.  The incideous manipulation known as systemic power impacts and influences us all with oppression and discrimination and I woke up to the fact that the only way to transform anything is to firstly acknowledge it’s existence and  it’s impact on us and the only way to get empowered is to take powerful action. The political needs to start with personal experience and then through the sharing of stories and the building of community, we will be moved towards collective action.  So, the idea to create a shameless journal evolved…..to capture the small everyday acts of shamelessness and defiance where personal power is restored. Please share your random acts of shamelessness whatever they are… by emailing: shameless-girl@hotmail.com or comment on a story to get yourself heard!

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